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Our Mission:


Women's Ministry exists to meet women of all ages where they are at and strives to provide opportunities that encourage more enriched relationsips with God, family, and friends. With the collective purpose of study, fellowship, and service we will put that faith into actions by communicating the love of Christ and affect the lives of the women in our church and community.


Our Vision:


To see the women of WOL proactive in meeting the spiritual and physical needs of those in our

church and our community.


To bring God joy.


The Women's Ministry hosts three "Sister2Sister" event evenings each year. We highlight different themes and speakers at each event with the goal of introducing you to different women in our church and in our community. Our hope is that we inspire you to form deeper relationships with your sisters in Christ and with your Heavenly Father.


We would love to hear from you! If you are interested in serving in this ministry or if you have any questions/suggestions, please email us.











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