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And then he told them, "Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.   Mark 16:15 (NLT)

WOL supports the following missionaries:


Terry and Rosie Banman have worked with Ethnos in Papua New Guinea since 1997. They helped plant a church in the Wusuraambya tribe and continue to connect with those church leaders and disciple them as needed. Presently, Terry and Rosie are still serving with Ethnos but are now based in Steinbach MB. Terry is a representative for Ethnos Canada while Rosie is involved with curriculum development

As a counsellor with Turning Point Counselling Services (a division of YFC) it is Eunice Wiebe's passion to come alongside those who are hurting with compassion and grace. Also, it is her desire to provide a safe place where people can be heard and known. New awarenesses encourage change and healing. Like a well rooted and nourished tree people can develop new ways to stand and grow in the midst of the storms of life.


Shon McLaren Froese works as the executive director of Inner City Women's Ministries International Inc. Their mission is to provide spiritual and tangible support to women and their families. Their volunteer group provides tangible assistance to women  struggling with  addiction, incarceration, exploitation, etc. They offer prayer, encouragement, and rehabilitative support.

Dorothy Gerbrandt has been with Ethnos in Thailand since 1979. She is presently teaching and training church leaders with materials like chronological lessons and pictures. She has also led a team of musicians in creating the first CD of the book of Genesis based on the Bible stories with indigenous music.

This family serves with Frontiers, looking for God to continue drawing masses of Muslim peoples to follow Jesus.  The husband, who first was called to overseas work at WOL Church, is Mobilization Director for Canada. He sends new workers into the Muslim world, while also engaging with Muslim friends in Canada and Central Asia. 

The team at YFC are committed to impacting the youth of Niverville by encouraging them on a journey with Jesus while providing them with a safe environment to meet with friends, enjoy entertainment, and be pointed in the right direction.


Adult & Teen Challenge is a Christian discipleship program aimed at helping people who are struggling with addiction.There are now 1400 programs operating 118 countries. Our mission is to develop and nurture the transformation of restored individuals into useful, productive, law-abiding citizens committed to Christian faith, values and living.

Empower Ministries is a global missions organization that exists to strengthen and equip national churches around the world, and to assist in revitalizing the Church in Canada.​    

Camp Workers:


Many children come to Manitoba summer camps that have not heard the gospel.  

We support our youth whom God has called to work there.


WOL is proud to support the Nation of Israel. We believe in investing in God's chosen people both prayerfully and financially. WOL seeks various means and opportunities to bless the Nation of Israel. 

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